Sunday, April 26, 2015

Project #16 Final Reflection Video

Part 2 of Blog Post #5

At the beginning of this class I only had a few items in my Personal Learning Network, such as Facebook and Twitter. Since my time in EDM310 it has expanded greatly. There have been numerous networks, websites, and blogs introduced to me through this course. I was introduced to many of the blogs by the comments we left on various peoples blogs around the world. Many of which will be helpful in my career as an educator.

As I delve more into my career and education I'm sure that my PLN will continue to grow. I know I will come across other individuals who will introduce me to bigger and better things. I plan to continue the use of my PLN to the point of perfection. There will always be improvements made to the ways we see things so there is no telling what all will be available in 10 years.

Here is an example of a PLN:

Project #12 Part B

"Team Books"--A Mock Trial:
Smart Board Presentation

C4K April 2015

My first comment for kids, for the month of April, was on a student named Macie M. Macie is a student in Mrs. L's 7th grade class. Check out her blog here. The post of Macie's that I commented on was on her favorite sport of volleyball. Macie talked about how much she loved the sport and what all it's taught her. In my comment I told Macie of the benefits of being a part of a team.

My second comments for kids was on a student named Pixl. Pixl is a student in Ms. Thomas' class. Check out her blog here. For their assignment the kids were to recall a time when someone showed them a kind gesture. Pixl, in her post said she couldn't recall a time when anyone at her school showed her a kind gesture. Hopefully she was just in a hurry and didn't want to do the assignment. In my comment I told her that it was sad she couldn't recall at least one kind gesture someone showed her at the school. Perhaps she was just having a bad day.

In my third and final comments for kids, I was assigned to the blog of Deneen, who was also a student of Ms. Thomas. Check out her blog here. The assignment for Deneen was the same as Pixl's. They were to recall a time when someone was nice to them. Deneen did recall a time when a fellow peer was nice to her however, she said one of her friends was kind "when I had food". In my comment I expressed my concern for a better introduction to help the reader understand what the purpose of the post was for.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Blog Post 13

What Did I Leave Out?

In this week's blog post assignment we were to create a specialized post that adheres to our area of expertise. For instance, me going to school to be a secondary education social studies major will be creating a post for history class.

What would be some ways to incorporate PBL in the modern History classroom?

Of course you could simply get your students to do a research paper on a specified individual, era, or genre; but if there anything this class has taught us, it's to get away from the repetitive style of education that is all too prevalent in schools.  However, I don't really see myself using a blog to get my students engaged in PBL either. Technology has it's places in schools no doubt, but in a history class I hope to be sticking with my textbook.

Recently, I was registered in a class called "Old Regime and the French Revolution". In this class the professor didn't do the typical burp-back style of teaching us.We played a game called "Reacting to the Past". We were all given roles to play of important figures during the French Revolution, and split up into factions of the National Assembly. We had the chance to debate and literally change history, only this was 225 years later. Each individual had victory objectives along with factional victory objectives, which played a big role in the grade. Not only did this give us a better understanding of the French Revolution, but it also engaged the class. It also motivated us not only to come to class, but to come prepared. I really enjoyed that class and hope to do something along these lines when I have a class of my own one day.

Here is an example of the game in action:

C4T #3

In my third comment for teachers, I was assigned to the blog of Karl Fischer. Check out his bloh here:

The first post of Mr. Fisch's that I read and commented on was titled "Whose Test Is It?", which discussed the regulations for certain in school tests and their validity. Mr. Fisch also talked about how teachers should give their students immediate feedback on their test, and not make them wait long periods of time wondering how they did. My comment on Mr. Fisch's post was mainly in agreement with some of the things he said about teachers getting feedback to their kids faster. I agreed with him and gave examples from my past when teachers did not do this.

The second post of Mr. Fisch that I commented on was titled "Teach This, Not That". In this post Mr. Fisch argued against the standardization of schools and the implementation of it by teachers who have no choice in the matter. He also suggest that some things being taught in schools today is merely an occupation of the students time and that they won't take much from it. The comment I left on his blog was again in agreement with him on his stance. Much of the stuff being taught todays is not of that much use for kids in the world.

Sunday, April 12, 2015